What Might Have Been

I recently came upon an email I sent to the acquiring editor I worked with at Moody Publishers for several years. He and I worked on books including Sky Blue, Admission, and even Isolation. One of the ideas we worked on was the Henry Wolfe Adventures. Out of the Devil's Mouth was the first in that series.

I thought I'd share a little about the way I process ideas. I was starting to think about book #2 in this series, so I sent him this following email. Of course, as it turned out, none of the ideas would ever see fruition. And in some ways, I'm glad, since this series was fun but in a genre I didn't want to get stuck in. Also, if I had done some of these other ideas, I might have never gotten a chance to do some of my more recent books.

Here's that email:

Great talking with you today. Appreciate your thoughts on OOTDM.

As I ponder the next Henry Wolfe book, I've dreamed up other possible adventures for Henry. I'm not sure if you guys would want to do more Henry Wolfe novels, or even more fiction with me (I know one thing about publishing--that an author's stock can change from month to month). Those things said, I'm sure if our little adventure tale took off, the powers that be might be willing.

Here are some ideas that could be fun exploring.

I'm tentatively calling the next Henry Wolfe novel ---------. It follows a group up the Congo River in Africa. I see this as somewhat of a blend between the original Henry Wolfe concept (the
Heart of Darkness premise) with The Wages of Fear idea I had sent to you (men on a death mission). More on that story later.

So here are some other ideas. I wouldn't want to substitute these for Henry Wolfe 2--let's save them and see if they take off

We could do Henry's first book, which would focus on lost treasures in Egypt.

Another could be set in Australian outback looking for Harold Lasseter's Gold (interesting story I hadn't heard about).

Another could be finding the legendary burial of Genghis Khan (this would be highly cool but would require probably the most research of all).

Many more options, too.

And just think--one of these stories has to have Max dying. And maybe a love interest between Kate (or maybe she dies).

And maybe Henry finally believes, but only after something truly miraculous.

Never lost for ideas . . .