40 Snippet #4

(Here's another unused bit from 40.)

We want to escape. To be released and to let go. To be single and solo and solidified and to be seeking. We want to be free.

Our eyes roam and wonder. We want to close them and not worry, not wonder, not go off working anymore.

We seek the place and the moment in the day. The longer time goes by the less often the moment comes. The older we get the shorter this moment is.

We compare. Contrast. Construct ideas of what should be and what could be and what is. The maybe and the honestly? and the this-is-killing-me.

We see the glossed up, oversaturated, overdone picture and want it to be real.

We want to run not walk run down the street where the volume comes from where the laughter drifts in a red mist. We want to rub shoulders and hear the dubs and see the smile and feel life. We want to forget that childhood and that conclusion already settled up. We want to ignore the guilt and move our heads and move our body and move.

We are all the same. You want what he wants and what I want.

We are all flawed. Struggling, running, remorseful, searching for that great moving minor chord.

We live stuck in this world in this minor chord when the major one awaits.

We press track six and listen and groove and make the bass and begin to move and everything everything every single thing shuts us up.

Turn it up play it again press the button release relax don’t do it remember don’t regret.

We’re going to do what we’re going to.

Embracing this minor key in the major chord of eternity.

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