Ten Ways That SOLITARY Is Similar To TWILIGHT

I tell people that my latest novel, Solitary, is my version of Twilight. I’m sure a lot of people might roll their eyes at that comment, thinking that I’m either jumping on the vampire bandwagon or simply associating the two because they’re both teen novels and Twilight is massive.

But truthfully, there are some similarities to both novels. Here they are. Tomorrow I’ll share how the two are quite different.

#10: Both novels are written in a first person point-of-view from a teenager's perspective.

#9. Both deal with a high school student who moves to a new town and goes to a new school.

#8. Forks, Washington is a lot like Solitary, North Carolina—dark and dreary and remote.

#7. The new student falls for the wrong person.

#6. The new student and the wrong person fall in love.

#5. There’s something going on that’s strange, something supernatural.

#4. There is a much bigger story going on than simply a boy and a girl falling in love.

#3. The theme of sacrifice is seen in both novels.

#2. Something big and dramatic happens at the end.

#1. Each book is the start of a four-book series.

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