Paper Angels

So this weekend I had the great opportunity to meet country musician Jimmy Wayne in person. We've been working on a novel for his song Paper Angels since the start of the year but haven't connected in person yet. It was great to finally meet him.

It's always refreshing to meet talented and popular artists who are gracious and down-to-earth. Jimmy Wayne is the real deal. That's all I can say. He's an immense talent who has a passion for shedding light on the thousands of teens who are too old, or "aging out," of the foster care system and the obstacles they face with no family and no support.

Here's a guy who put his career on hold for six months to walk across the country to build awareness for these teens. Doing that for a week would be great publicity. Doing it for six months is great purpose. Check it out here: MEETMEHALFWAY

Our novel is coming out November of 2011. More details on it will be coming. But I'm excited to meet a kindred soul who is as inspiring off the stage as he is on.

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