The Finish Line (Writing Tip #57)

Continuing on this marathon theme, here's another writing tip.

Just because you see the finish line doesn't mean you're finished.

And just because you cross over this line doesn't mean the work is done. Far from it.

That's the haunting beauty about being a novelist. Your work is almost seemingly never over. But that's good because you never get it right the first time. Or the second time.

There are different races to run. One is writing and completing a novel. The next is revising. The next is editing and copyediting.

Ah, so many races to run.

It's easy to see the finish line and sprint to the end.

But a lot can happen in those final yards. They're called marathons for a reason.

Steady. Smooth. Sure.

The finish line is a great marker and a great time to take a breather. But don't get there and collapse and stop working.

Take a breather and then get ready for the next race.

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