Conundrum Is A Great Word

Here are a few thoughts I had after seeing Inception for the second time last night.

There are those who love complex stories that are left open for interpretation. I'm one of them.

But that is part of the problem I have with Christian fiction.

oh no another rant on Christian fiction please make it stop please be a dream within a dream

No---this isn't a rant. But this is my conundrum.

Christian fiction doesn't like things open for interpretation. Because that means the Christian faith is open to interpretation. That would be blasphemous.

Yet, as a Christian living in today's world, this is what I find every morning and noon and night:

Life is a mystery and a journey that doesn't alway make sense, doesn't fit into a box, doesn't have all the answers, and that isn't black and white.

Just because I hold on to my faith doesn't mean that it can't be complex and mysterious and open for interpretation. Some things, not everything. But those things, big and small, can and should work their way into my writing.

My goal is to sidestep the topic of "Christian fiction 101" and just try and do what I love.

My faith tells me that I'm a sinner and that I'll surely fail in some way. So exhibit A will be the work I produce. And whatever, however, I end up putting my worldview inside of it.

But that doesn't mean I'm not going to keep trying to make it ambitious, entertaining, complex, and open to interpretation.