Second Deal Of The Summer

I just saw that the kindle version of Isolation just went off sale. It was available for $1.99 for a limited time. Looks like quite a few folks got that. I figured I'd continue another sale for the rest of this summer.

Right before the end of the year, I self-published Every Breath You Take. I've shared some thoughts on that on my blog. It's a love story with a supernatural twist. A lot of people have loved it.

For now until the rest of the summer, if you order this through my website, I'll include a free copy of any of my other books. That includes my most recent book to be published, Solitary. Both will be signed and mailed to you for the cost of just one.

For those of you a little wary of a self-published book, I'll promise you this: Every Breath You Take is as good as any of my other stories. That's the only reason I decided to release it after working on it over a year (then working on it again with my editor).

Hope everybody is having a great summer. It's crazy to think it's halfway done.

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