The Right Work At The Right Time

Something exciting to think about.

Somewhere down the road, a reader and a fan reads my latest. And as they’re reading it, they’re thinking where’d this come from? They’re thinking it in a good way. They’re thinking he was pretty decent but wow. They’re thinking this is awesome.

And the conclusion not only satisfies but stuns.

They instantly think what else has he written?

They’ve read some of the books--maybe just a couple.

So they’re ready.

They’re ready to see the blueprints and the building blocks. They’re ready to understand the bigger picture, the voice and the style and the vision.

It’s not going to be the same as the latest book they’ve read, but that’s okay.

The hope is that they’ll still appreciate those others. Some they’ll be curious about. Some they’ll adore like a distant cousin. Some they’ll think are kinda clever.

But they’ll see the stepping stones to this surprise.

And they’ll be hooked, hoping to be surprised again like that.

That’s my hope.

That’s what I’m going for.

Hoping to surprise others.

Hoping to surprise myself.

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