15 Weeks of Giveaways: #12

I’m giving away my twelfth novel this week on my Facebook page! Here’s an overview of the novel.

Publication Date:

May, 2009

Where the idea came from:

This story idea came in the form of a premise: what if a bestselling horror writer got writer’s block and ended up stealing a manuscript from a fan who sent it to him years ago for input? And what if that fan came knocking on his door demanding an apology or more?

One line synopsis:

I already basically share the synopsis above, but this is about a horror writer who ends up living the nightmares that he’s been penning down for years.

Journey to publication:

When I signed a four-book deal with FaithWords, I gave them this idea for the second book (the first being Isolation). I wanted to make it deeper and creepier than Isolation. I discovered that while the premise was strong, I had gone a bit astray with the story itself. This took a couple of tries before my editor ended up accepting it.

The Response:

Thankful to say that the response continued to be strong for this supernatural thriller. Publishers Weekly called it “an emotional wallop of a book" and said "Thrasher just keeps getting better.” Even my agent loved it, feeling it was the best thing I’d done to date.

My Thoughts:

I’m very proud of Ghostwriter. It’s a deeper work with a variety of themes inside it. I like how it’s not just a supernatural thriller but also a meditation on grief and creativity.

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