Travis In Wonderland

I've been organizing my office as I make a transition to a new one that's out of the house. I've been discovering many things, like this brilliant story I wrote in November of 1979. I was in third grade, the same grade where I decided I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

Even then, I had this propensity of putting myself in my stories. And for scary things.

"Travis In Wonderland"

Once upon a time I was walking in a little forest when I slipped. I went falling down and down and then I came too a stop. Boom! Where was I? There was a man near by. I ask the man where I was, and he said, "We are in Wonderland and I fell through that hole."

"I did too." Then he said, "Let's be partners." So we went on a little path and then the man stoped. "Whose house is that?" We went inside it. We looked around the house and then man screamed. There in front of him was a skellton.

We went out of the house and we saw a band of pigs jumping and laufing. We followed them to a circus. "I and you will see what's inside," the man said. So we went in it and we saw pigs.

We ran to an under-ground house. We ate and drank but then we floated up in the air. And we went to the cookie house where the cook lived. Was I dead? There was a airaid house near by. I went in it and I got lost in it. The airaid house was dirty. Then I heard something. I looked around and I saw a light.

"Who are you" I asked? "I am the gohst of Sammy Brown. And I am going to eat you up"! Then I ran as fast as I can. I went out of the airaid house. I ate some cookies out of the cookie house. Then I ran to the hole and climbed up the hole. I ran to my house. Where are my mother and father? I looked around and I saw my dog. Then my mother and father where home. "Where have you bin and why are you so dirty?" I told my mom and then my dad the story. Then I went to have supper and then I went to bed. And I dreamed of Travis In Wonderland.

Note to reader: My favorite line in this is "Was I dead?"

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