Some Fun Snapshots

Lately I've been sorting through my office in order to make the move to a new one a few minutes away from the house. It's been fun to uncover a variety of things related to my writing. I thought I'd show some of them on my blog.

You might recognize this image from my very first book published, The Promise Remains. This is the original art that I bought from the artist. It's probably about 8" by 10" and still in great shape. One of these days I'm going to frame it.
This is a snapshot of a bookshelf in my closet. These are some of those stories I've referred to as being in my closet. They really are in my closet and here's proof.
Here's a picture of one of the final covers being considered for Gun Lake. Kinda cool to see. I like the one we went with, but this one has a darker, brooding feel about it. Finally here are two mock covers that I asked Julie Chen, a designer at the publisher we used to both work for, to work on. I wrote the first novel, If I Loved You, and I had an idea for a sequel entitled Answer With A Kiss. The stories were romantic comedy and pretty average (and if you wonder what happened to it, look at snapshot #2 above). I had always wanted to pitch this to a publisher with these mock covers. Never did, but I kept the mockups.

Julie has gone one to become a fabulous freelance designer, working on NY Times bestsellers (Every Breath You Take) as well as little-read novels (Bringing Up Girls). Er--I might have gotten those two titles mixed up, but nevertheless she does great work.

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