Sharing Online (Writing Tip #51)

So many people share SO much these days online.

Here's my two cents.

Wear your heart on your sleeve—IN YOUR WORK.

Don’t waste time sharing your frustrations and opinions and attitudes on your Facebook page or Twitter account. That’s what everybody else does and the voices drown each other out.

Plus, nobody needs to know that you’re struggling to find work or angry at your neighbor or frustrated by the government.

If you want to waste your energy blogging about it or telling your social network friends about your feelings and emotions, that’s fine.

But if you’re a novelist, you’re missing a golden opportunity.

Put your joys and your passions and your pains and all the things that piss you off into your novel. Doesn’t matter what box you’re writing in. Fill that box with yourself and that heart of yours. Don't hold back, not a bit.

Let the rest of the world wear their hearts on their online sleeves.

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