Mike Shanahan on perseverance

Those of you who know me know I'm a big Redskins fan. Ah, the misery. But on Easter Sunday, we got a gift. His name is Donovan McNabb.

The new coach of the Washington Redskins is Mike Shanahan, who happened to be the Denver Broncos coach. There have been lots of comparisons between McNabb and John Elway. Here's a quote the Shanahan gave at the press conference that stood out:

"People don't realize what happened to John Elway. After Denver lost the AFC Championship game against Jacksonville, the cry in the town was for John to retire. That's all people talked about. And all of a sudden ... people forget. They've got short memories. Steve Young, after losing the NFC Championship games two years in a row -- actually got booed off the field in the Championship game -- comes back and throws six touchdown passes, scores 49 points in the Super Bowl. I mean John Elway's been through it. He does it in years fifteen and sixteen because of perseverance. Steve Young, just WAITING in San Francisco for six years, and that's besides Tampa Bay and the USFL, getting through, but having the perseverance -- just like Donovan -- to prevail, knowing that this is not a sprint. It's a marathon. And are you tough enough mentally to fight yourself through it. And Donovan is very tough mentally, and he understands that, hey, he's got some goals, and he's gonna work as hard as he can to reach those goals."

Perseverance. Doesn't have to just apply in sports. Can apply to any area.

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