The Latest

Here's the latest update on things related to my writing.

A month from now, on May 1, I'll be handing in two book projects. One is my next novel for Faithwords that's almost complete. It's a supernatural thriller about a man who is told he's going to die on his birthday. The other is a novel that I still can't talk about yet. I should be able to talk about it soon.

Broken is my thirteenth novel to be published. It will officially release May 25. It's about a woman on the run from her demons. I'll be doing a variety of promotion this summer, so you'll be hearing more about this story. I really hope you get a chance to buy a copy.

I'm still selling copies every week of my self-published novel, Every Breath You Take. It would make a great wedding gift or Father's Day present. It's available for sale exclusively on my website.

I'm currently going through the copyedits for my first teen novel, Solitary, that is set to release August 1. It's the first of four books and I'm really excited about it.

This summer I'm working on the second book in my teen series along with another project that--well, that I can't say anything about just yet.

Another thing I've been doing it outlining and working on a series idea that I'll be pitching to publishers later this year. Writing fulltime has afforded me the opportunity to have time to think of projects like this and do the necessary work on backstory. One word I'll say about this idea: LOSTesque.

Finally, it looks like I will be getting an office five minutes away from the house. I'm not sure how my productivity can actually improve since I've been writing like crazy, but it will help in terms of concentration. Should be inspiring working in a new locale.

That's it for now. Appreciate your interest in my books and my writing! I believe I've got some good things coming, so please stay tuned.