Another Early Review For BROKEN

Broken by Travis Thrasher

Reviewed by Jake Chism,
Genre: Supernatural, Thriller, Suspense
Publisher: Faith Words
Publication Date: May 2010

Laila is running from the demons of her past and they are quickly closing in. Sure, she’s made her fair share of mistakes, even bringing much of the hurt upon herself. She longs to escape and be free, but more than that she wants to be whole again, to somehow find a way to gather up the shattered pieces of her life. For too long she has tried things her way and it’s only brought her here: fleeing a mysterious stranger who knows what she did and wants to make her pay. As the demons of her past close in, Laila must decide whether to confront them or forever remain broken.

Travis Thrasher has tackled a wide range of genres in his career: romance, suspense, mystery, adventure, and more recently horror. Most publishing and marketing experts would wag their fingers at this scattershot approach, but Thrasher has managed to pull it off with his indelible talent. What I love most about Thrasher’s writing is the passion he brings to each story. He consistently creates characters that jump off the page and well defined plots that propel the story forward. This has allowed him to transcend genre and his writing always seems to reflect and celebrate the power of story. Broken is certainly no exception, and may just be his best yet.

Thrasher shifts gears a bit from Isolation and Ghostwriter, toning down the scares without losing the supernatural edge that I loved in both novels. This is a fast paced read supported by engaging dialogue, well depicted locations, and a powerful twist in the end. Each chapter begins with a journal entry from Laila and these scenes were by far my favorite.

With Laila, Thrasher has given us such a beautiful, messed up character. While you may not be able to relate to the specifics of her struggle, you will find yourself thinking about the broken pieces of your own life and the journey we all travel towards redemption. In the end I was moved by the revelations and awed by the way Thrasher pulled it off.

I’m sure Travis Thrasher has people in the “biz” constantly telling him to work on his brand, pick a genre, blah, blah, blah, etc. I applaud him for following his heart and pouring himself into every line, no matter where his books may be sorted on the shelves. If you long for memorable characters and stories that captivate then you can’t go wrong with Travis Thrasher.

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