Template For Success

I'm reading a book called How To Be A Record Producer In The Digital Age by Megan Perry. Not because the writing gig is going bad and I'm hoping to produce Radiohead's next album. I'm reading it for research. In about fifteen months you'll be able to read why.

Anyway, I wanted to share an excerpt from the book. They cover three careers for bigname music producers out there and they made this list that shares what the three have in common. I think these can apply to writers as well. In a way, this was the route I took in my writing career. (And just to add--I'm not saying "This is how I became successful" because I'm still on whatever journey hoping to one day be able to say that!)

Here's the excerpt:

These commonalities provide a prospective template for those looking to follow in their steps:

--Working up from the bottom
--Befriending artists and producers
--Learning the craft
--Developing a signature sound
--Taking chances
--Getting a "break"
--Making smart decisions after the break

My story toward publication and writing fulltime began when I started working entry level in author relations at a publisher. I was able to work with authors and I learned how they did what they did. I was fortunate to get a break in having my first book published. Whether or not I've made smart decisions since still remains to be seen, but I thought I'd share this for those interested in my own writing journey.