This is a snapshot of your life.

Your life right here and now.

It might be about someone else in some other place and some other time. But it’s still a part of who you are right now.

What makes you curious? What keeps you up at night? What scares the crap out of you? What plucks tears from your eyes?

Everything is a part of you.

Everything is a journal entry.

Everything is a compression of the person you are.

Ten years ago you couldn’t write this.

Ten years in the future you won’t be able to either.

This is who you are right here and now.

Some of it might be worth publishing. Some of it better be worth publishing. Some of it might and should be tossed, but that’s okay.

Wandering thoughts and observations.

A snapshot of the life you look at every day.

The thoughts and daydreams and nightmares that come from who you are.

The ten year old boy turning twenty-one turning thirty-five closing down on forty.

The same person but changing daily, hourly.

Growing and changing and morphing.

With snapshots put into paragraphs and into some kind of story.

Some kind of story that will hopefully see the light of day.