Reader Comments For EBYT

I wanted to share some reader comments for my latest novel, Every Breath You Take. I'm pulling out quotes and am not naming names. I wanted to simply share some of the nice notes I've gotten about this love story.

“Finished the book today--I absolutely loved it. As you probably would have guessed, I'm not the guy who reads romances (or anything of the sort), but Every Breath You Take had tears brimming in my eyes twice (and that's saying something). Your ability to write something like Ghostwriter, a terrific thriller, and then follow it up with this... wowza.”

"Finished the book a little while ago. Its quite a story. Almost had me in tears by the end. Didn't end the way I thought it was going to, but that what I loved most about it. It might replace Sky Blue as my favorite..."

"Just finished Every Breath you Take, a fabulous new novel by Travis Thrasher. It's a wonderful love story with a supernatural twist that hooks you from the beginning- didn't want to put it down! Highly recommend it- but you have to get it from Travis himself on his website- Have read 5 of his stories now, good reads and he is a local author who came to our book club. Fun and very nice guy. Check out his books, you'll like them!"

"awesome book!!! I can relate to Billy TOTALLY. Your daughter will really appreciate that book when she gets a little older. Write more like that!"

And this is probably my favorite:

"I just finished the book. One sitting and many tears. Thank you for helping me to realize how much my dad must have loved me. Since he died, I've felt so far removed from the memories that I made with him... thanks for sparking a sense of connection to those memories. This "constant reader" is moved beyond words. You have no idea the gift this book is to daughters who have lost their loving fathers... reminding us that they are not lost at all. My dad made CDs for me constantly in the years before he passed. I can't wait to pull them out tomorrow and dance with him again."

It's nice to see that I wasn't completely crazy when I ventured to publish this story! I remain humbled by kind comments such as these, and continue to be thankful to be able to write stories for a living.

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