"I'm A BIG Fan"

The next year and a half is going to be exciting in regards to my writing. I have four releases that are contracted for, with another couple that have been given the green light. I can't wait for readers to discover these stories as well as my others.

A lot of things are being planned, but one of the things I want to start working on is my Facebook fan page. This will eventually be given an overhaul with new and exciting things to check out, but before then here are some things I'm going to try and start doing.

My purpose in this isn't to have 247,000 fans. It's not a popularity contest (because if it was, I'd surely lose). I'd like for this to be a place where fans and readers can go to interact, get "stuff", and gain a little more insight into my writing.

So here are some things I'm hoping to start doing more of on my Facebook Fan Page:

#1. Giveaways.

Everybody likes free things. One thing I want to start doing more of is giving away free books. Some readers love my thrillers but might never bother checking out one of my love stories. Or vice versa. I'm going to start giving away copies of my work, along with advanced reader copies.

In addition to giving away my books, I want to also start giving away things that have moved me. Books, music, movies that I love. I can't do this every week, but every now and then, I'm going to do this. Again, something fun to do to reward readers of mine for keeping tabs on me.

#2. Offer insight into my books.

Some readers want to know things like where an idea came from, if something really happened, or what's the soundtrack to this novel. My blog is one place I try and give insight like this. But Facebook is a good venue to try and share stuff like this.

#3. Interact More

I enjoy social networks because they connect readers to authors. Yet I also have a love-hate relationship with them. My goal is to interact more with fans and readers in this arena.

#4. What Do Readers Want?

What sort of things do readers want to know? For example, I love hearing what my favorite artists are working on. I want this place to be an area where readers can be heard.

#5. Connect Readers

The great thing would be to connect readers of mine with one another. To share other authors they love, to share their latest great find. Facebook and Twitter do this on a daily basis. Hopefully this can be another place to do this.

We'll see what time permits. If you're not already a "FAN", let me encourage you to become one.