My Organizational Process (Tip #32)

Here's the process of what I do with ideas that come to me. The above shot is a picture from my writing notebook that I kept in 2002. This was the first year I officially started to keep a notebook--this was a small spiral bound notebook where I kept story ideas, goals and deadlines, and anything writing related. 

The above note was a story idea I had that ended up becoming my novel, Isolation, published in 2007. 

Here are the spiral bound notebooks dating from 2002-2008. I keep the 2009 with me most of the time. I still refer back to these notebooks from time to time. I keep them on the shelf behind my desk.

Once an idea really gets going (either I start working on it or I start making notes), I'll create a hanging file folder for it. I have folders for every work I've been serious about. Some have gone nowhere and others have seen light of day. Once the book comes out, I generally will take the file folder out to allow room for other works in progress. 

Here are some of the projects that I've worked on. Again, some will see light of day and some won't. (And that "Budgets" folder is TRULY fictitious!). 

As I work on a project, I'll have a folder out on my desk for easy access. These are the three on my desk now.

I'm not the most organized guy in the world, but I do force myself to be organized with ideas. I make sure I ALWAYS write an idea down. Sometimes the idea is ridiculous. Sometimes (as shown above) the idea written down might end up becoming a published work. You never know. 

Do whatever works for you, but do something to keep organized. Do whatever it takes to plant your rear in that chair and get writing. This is what it takes for me. 

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