Writing Tip #31

Use your wonderful social networks for motivation. 

Today I decided that I was up for writing 5,000 words. A lot of words. A L O T. 

So I posted my goal on Facebook and Twitter, thus announcing it to my online friends/acquaintances/stalkers and other people who couldn't give two tweets. 

It was out there, and maybe it's just a mental thing, but I say this all the time: do whatever you can to keep going, to motivate yourself. 

So this morning, I did my 3,000 words. I felt great. I worked out and kept the juices flowing. 

I even proudly stated that I'd met my morning goal and that the afternoon was ahead. 

Again, I'm proud to say I met my afternoon goal. I'm sure that some of the writing today was complete jibberish. But I've learned that some of my BEST MOST SACRED AND HEARTFELT writing that takes hours and hours can also be the worst. 

Get the words down. That's my goal. 

So today, I learned that I could use Twitter and Facebook to my advantage. 

I'm sure some people reading my pages probably roll their eyes. I didn't say I wrote 5,000 glorious words. I never claim to write life-changing prose (I can't anyway, that phrase is copyrighted). 

I guess all I'm really claiming is that I was hard at work the way a writer should be. Call me a braggard. At this point, you can call me anything and I really won't care. 

I'm tired. My mind is mush. 

And hey--there's another 253 words for you. So I'm at 5,200 words. 


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