Ghostwriter Reviews

Ghostwriter has been out a little over a month, and it's been great to see the reviews coming in. Here are some quotes from some of them:

“Chicago author Travis Thrasher has produced a frightening story reminiscent of the work of Stephen King. . . Thrasher has created a winning character and thrown him into a genuinely scary plot.”—Chicago Sun-Times

“There's a deep love story between the author character and his late wife interleaved with lots of cinematically creepy scenes played out at ordinary places in upscale suburbia . . . An emotional wallop of a book. Thrasher just keeps getting better.”—Publishers Weekly

“Travis Thrasher only continues to astonish me with not only the quality of his writing, but his ability to tell powerful stories. It’s rare to find an author who can take us to places we don’t want to go in order to bring us to a place we long to be. Ghostwriter is the kind of gem that comes along far too seldom; displaying the kind of writing that deserves to be devoured by the masses.”—

“Thrasher’s creepy tale will keep readers up late into the night. The timeline is occasionally confusing, but that actually adds to the suspense rather than detracting from it. Not a book for the easily spooked, it’s great for those who enjoy a good ghost story with a subtle spiritual message.”—Romantic Times

“With Ghostwriter, Thrasher establishes himself as an author fully capable of leading his readers through an intensely-emotional and spiritually-provocative journey all while disguising it as a suspense novel.”—CBA Retailers & Resources

“In addition to the depth of the story itself, Travis Thrasher has created real characters whose personalities, beliefs and insecurities are woven beautifully into their actions and dialogue. Dennis is flawed as can be, but likable as well. He aches for his wife, loves his daughter beyond measure and proves himself a loyal friend. Bob, the ghost’s pawn, is hands down the scariest thing in the book, taking pleasure from committing gruesome acts that the rest of us don’t even want to contemplate. If you like supernatural, horror, or thriller novels, this is the book to read.”—

“With Ghostwriter it snuck up on me like a snake. Thrasher has crafted a story that powers the themes of love, relationships, and personal struggle---themes that dive deep into the thoughts and actions we take in our daily lives and pull at the burdens of those that we have lost. I look forward to Thrasher’s next release, and even previous releases, ready to take another ride into the unknown and enjoy it immensely.”—

“For those who love a good ghost story . . . It’s a page-turner.”—

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