Random Story Idea

Where do you get your ideas from? Probably one of the questions I (along with other novelists) get asked the most. 

So I thought from time to time as I think about it, I'll share a random story idea. One that pops in my head that I know I won't ever write but that's an interesting story idea regardless (note--interesting doesn't always mean good). I just want to show my thought process.

I just read this today on CNN.com: "Michael Jackson's body will be returned to Neverland Ranch on Thursday for a public viewing on Friday, CNN has learned."

So a story idea pops in my head. 

A group of friends who have grown distant over the years reconnect to go view Michael Jackson's body. Could be a comedy, could be a love story, could be a drama. They might not even make it to Neverland Ranch--who knows. They (along with millions of others) grew up listening to Jackson and still share this bond even though their lives have gone in opposite directions. 

I looked on iTunes to see if Jackson has a song with the word "Never" in it. Of course--a classic: "Never Can Say Goodbye." 

There's your title. 

The theme of saying goodbye resonates in the story, along with the word "never." 

Am I a huge Michael Jackson fan? No. But doesn't mean that it couldn't be a moving story. 

See--a story idea simply from seeing a blurb on CNN.com. That's how my mind works.