Golden Globes--Random Thoughts

Here are some thoughts on the Golden Globes that I jotted down as I watched them:

I love Kate Winslet.

Bruce Springsteen, Sting, and Peter Gabriel in the same room? Must be the 80’s!

Can’t wait to see Burn After Reading.

Wall-E deserves it.

Johnny Depp is cool. I want to be the Johnny Depp of authors. Not sure what that even means, except to be cool like Depp.

Heath Ledger will be remembered.

Frost/Nixon—another one I want to see.

Napolean Dynamite is awesome (sorry—commercial break)

Slumdog Millionaire is winning everything!

Love 30 Rock

Wish Alexandre Desplat won for best score!

One of the reasons I imagine, invent, and remain inspired: Steven Spielberg

Big fan of Danny Boyle, but bigger one of David Fincher

Colin Farrell is fascinating. Manic, but fascinating.

Love Kate Winslett even more!

“We’re TV actors”—great line

Mickey Rourke—wow. Gotta see The Wrestler. Big Darren Aronofsky fan

Is Slumdog Millionaire that good? Can't wait to see it. But Benjamin Button gets my vote.