The Watermark--The Movie!

So in continuing my list of books and imagining them made into movies, who would I pick to direct The Watermark. This was difficult once again simply because it's a simple and straightforward story. I love it--before Sky Blue came along, it was the favorite book of mine that I'd gotten published. It's a personal story and I think it's a lot deeper than The Promise Remains. 

The director I would choose would be Frank Darabont, who directed The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. But he also directed a movie not a lot of people saw called The Majestic. This movie was very much in the vein of Frank Capra (It's a Wonderful Life). So he can do sweet. 

The Watermark isn't a fast-paced story. At the core of the story is a secret about what the narrator did. He feels like he can't move on in his life. The ending of the story has echoes of Shawshank in it. 

For the movie composer, I would probably choose my favorite film composer: Thomas Newman. I would probably choose him for every and any movie if I could because he has such a range and he's amazing. The other person I'd use would be Enya. Yes, say what you want--she's made some remarkable music. I got the idea for the title of The Watermark from Enya's album and song. They fit, and the word grew on me 

Anyway, it sounds like I'm running a commercial for my books. Whatever. For my four fans (in Nebraska, Alaska, Iowa, and North Dakota), they'll find this interesting! Or at least I do. It beats going through page proofs!