The Promise Remains--The Movie!

Okay, so there's no movie being done for The Promise Remains. But I was thinking about this question last night: if I could handpick a different director for each of my novels, who would I choose? So I'm going to post my dream scenarios for each of my books in chronological order of release date. For fun as well, I'll put who I'd like to compose the soundtrack for each story. 

It was easy to answer this question for my later novels as opposed to my first few novels. The Promise Remains is a sweet and simple story. Almost too simple. If they did make a movie, they would probably have to beef-up some of the scenes and scenarios. But ultimately it's about a high school love that endures over the years. 

The director I'd pick for this would be Cameron Crowe, best known for Jerry Maguire and Say Anything. The latter is the reason I'd pick him. 

He would surely rewrite each scene to make it Cameron Crowe-esque. If you watch any of his movies, you'll see how people talk--it's unique. They all talk like Cameron Crowe. Normal people usually aren't as witty and insightful. Not all his movies have been great, but a few of them are. 

The soundtrack would be composed by James Horner. I was listening to a lot of him (ala the Titanic soundtrack) when I was writing this story. Though I doubt Crowe would use a standard score for the film. Instead, he'd probably make an awesome soundtrack full of music that spans the years just like the book does. 

(I'll try to follow this each day with a post about another director and composer who I'd choose. It's fun to imagine . . . )