Gun Lake--The Movie

Gun Lake was the first book of mine that I really, truly could have imagined to be made into a film. The canvas is much larger to work with--there are lots of characters in it and lots of storylines. 

I got the confirmation that I needed to write this book after seeing a movie. And while I've told people that this is my Shawshank Redemption, the movie it more closely resembles in terms of tone and feel is The Road To Perdition. So if I could have any director I could choose work on Gun Lake, I would have Sam Mendes, who not only did Road To Perdition but did American Beauty and the upcoming Revolutionary Road. He's an amazing director. 

The score? Not to be redundant, but I would have Thomas Newman do the score for this. I played and replayed his score to Road to Perdition as I worked on Gun Lake.