Ghostwriter--The Movie!

Okay--so here's the last book in this progression of posts. Who would I get to direct my upcoming novel, Ghostwriter? I would pick David Fincher, one of my favorite directors (Se7en, Fight Club, the upcoming Curious Case of Benjamin Button). He would give this a dark, ominous feel that it would need. And much like his movie The Game (which I loved), this is a character study of one man who has to go through hell to find hope. Don't most of my characters have to?

Well--I would probably have a variety of musical guests for this soundtrack, including a few cuts by Pink Floyd. That would certainly work (but you'll have to wait to see why when it comes out in May). 

Okay--enough with this whole imagining thing. It was an interesting process. Some of my movies I can definitely see being made into a picture, some others I really can't. But you never know.