The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

"Nothing lasts."

So is the theme of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. 

This has all the reasons I love movies, and why I long to create. 

This film moved me. It transported me. It brought me to tears. It held up a mirror to my face. It made me laugh. And it utterly transfixed me. 

It made me want to hug my wife, my daughter, my parents, my family. 

It reminded me of a phrase I've written many times this year--in both Ghostwriter and in the work I spent much of the year working on which will hopefully see light of day:

"Life is a breath, a blink."

And whether you're like the amazing director, David Fincher, who probably believes that this life is truly all we have, or if you're like me, who believes there is more, it still comes down to one thing--

In this life, here and now, nothing lasts. 

So make the most out of it. 

In a year that's been fraught with failure, I know that tomorrow is not promised. 

Just like the main character in Ghostwriter sees--"Each day is a gift."

Indeed it is. 

Spending my time looking backwards--that's what I've done since I was a teenager. Asking what if? What if? Or fretting about tomorrow, which I've done all my life. Both of those things always seem to do the same thing:

They take me out of today. 

The beauty of art is to make you step back and think. To be moved to change. And what I want, and what I hope, is to enjoy the moments. To take each day and breathe in its magic. 

To not be hindered by yesterday, which I can't change, or to not be wary of tomorrow, which I'm not promised. 

What I can do is today. 

To embrace life. 

Such deep, melancholy thoughts, huh? But seeing a movie like Curious Case made me think this and a thousand other things. 

As the clock ticks off another year, I thank God for this year. For teaching me just a little more. 

And for reminding me. 

Some things do last.