Random Questions

#1. If there's such a crisis with our economy, why do we have a Food Network? 

#2. Since the "terrible two's" actually start before two, what do I have to look forward to AFTER the actual birthday? 

#3. How do you sell 1,300 copies of a book sitting on a pallet in your garage?

#4. Is it strange to make up song lyrics to pretty make every song you listen to in the car when you're by yourself?

#5. Do some dogs not realize their dogs? And if so, is there a counselor for this? 

#6. How many booksignings will it take before I say "Stop the madness!"

#7. Is it wrong to add an ex-girlfriend as a "friend" in Facebook? 

#8. Does Boston Market really serve chicken? 

#9. Is it seriously uncool that I have 8 Genesis albums in my cd collection?

#10. Do you fruit your beer?