Kylie Turns Two Today

Go on ahead
Just don’t go too far
I’m scared enough simply letting go of your little hand
Life is but a blink, a breath
And for so many years, it was impossible to live in the moment
But you have been the moment, each and every one of them
For two years now, you’ve given us hope
You’ve given us love
Joy unfounded
Laughter so free
We prayed for you before we even knew your name
But God knew you, and He blessed us
And every day, I see myself in you
That uncontrollable, infectious giggle
Those whimsical, mischievous eyes
The impatience and temper and total frustration
And the love so pure
The very best thing I’ve done in this life wasn’t done by me at all
But I take credit as your father, your guardian, your champion
Whatever road lies ahead, I’ll be watching you
Wherever this path goes, I’ll be at your side
Fearful and hesitant, but there nevertheless
Hoping the same guardian angels who watch over me will do the same for you