A Bit Of Help

Have you read Isolation or any of my novels? Chances are you might have since you're checking out my blog. Can I ask for a bit of help? 

I get a lot of great comments and emails on my books. They're very encouraging to me as I do this very solitary thing called write. I'm pleased that my books are enjoyed and appreciated. 

If you've ever enjoyed any of my novels, please share your thoughts online. The easiest is going to good, ole Amazon.com and putting in your review. I think sometimes readers are scared about doing this, because they feel like they have to be original or insightful in their review. But all you have to do is share what you think. "I enjoyed this book." Sometimes reviewers tend to want to write an overview for the book, but you don't have to do that. All you have to do is share your opinion on the story. 

This is helpful since a lot of people check out the books and see what others are saying. They might me me at a booksigning and be like, "Who was that guy who wouldn't stop bothering me?" Then they check out what the reviews on Amazon.com are like. 

I certainly appreciate all the kind comments sent my way. So if you do get a chance, please share them with others. Thanks.