A "Wild" Month of October

It's nice to be home on a Sunday for the first time this month. The last three Sundays have found me in Michigan, Indiana, and Colorado. And all three times I found myself at a Buffalo Wild Wings watching my Redskins. The best was last weekend as I watched my Washington Redskins in a restaurant packed with 'Skins fans. I was near the Denver airport, a long way from Washington. 

I don't know how many signings I've done for Isolation as of now. I'm thinking maybe 15 or even more. They start to blur. I had two great signings this weekend, one at the Naperville B&N where I met a couple I'll call "M&M" and then one yesterday at the Schaumburg B&N where one of the staff at the store (Lauren) asked me to sign her entire collection of Travis Thrasher books which she had just finished read (yes, all of them!). 

I have more signings coming up along with another busy week coming up. 

Between doing book tour stuff and meeting tons of people, I also managed to get some writing done. Oh, yeah, I also learned that adults can catch Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease a few weeks ago. Wikipedia said that they usually don't, but I guess when you share cereal with your nearly-two-year-old daughter who has it, you're going to catch it. (Also, if you share food with a child who has Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease, you're an idiot). 

I'm pleased by the response that readers are having to Isolation. I'm also glad that I'm finally on a roll with the novel I'm rewriting now. I'm itching to start work on my third supernatural thriller--the plot "map" is all finished. 

If you're read Isolation and liked it, please spread the word. And if I had the privilege of meeting you at a booksigning, thanks for stopping by (and asking me where the restroom was!!).