On Writing

You know--if this whole thing went away--this whole branding-author-novelist-storyteller-fit-in-the-box thing called being a fulltime writer--I'd still write. 

If one day there was no contract waiting for a book, I'd still write. 

If one day there was no Facebook page with fans on it, I'd still write. 

If one day I stopped looking at Amazon and stopped updating my website and stopped worrying about sales and stopped spending so many hours in the bookstores trying to hawk my wares, I'd still write. 

And I'd still dream. 

I'd dream that one day I'd really, truly get it. That one day I'd really, truly get it down. That one day I'd really, truly be able to get a book RIGHT. 

I'd still write and still dream. 

It's not about a name or a brand or an author photo or tagline. Sometimes I wish I could simply write and not have to worry about the rest. But the rest is what matters, what counts. "Everything counts in large amounts." Yes it does. 

But if it all went away, the words wouldn't. The stories wouldn't. They've been there since third grade. Only God knows why. One day I plan to ask Him. To ask why he loaded me down with these things. He didn't load me down with marketing ideas or desires to sum up my writing in five second installments. He gave me stories. Good or bad they're mine. And I still plan on writing them with as much time and energy as I have. 

I'm just getting warmed up. I still want to learn and get better. I still want to read and get better. And I still want to write. I'm hungry. And after this year, more humble than ever. 

People want to be writers and I applaud them and encourage them. But so many don't really, truly know.