High Fidelity

Just watched this movie again tonight. It's been a while since I've seen it. Years ago I read the Nick Hornby novel that it's based on. The movie is different than the book. Hornby's version is British (since he's a Brit) and the movie version is set in Chicago. Both speak to me in so many different ways:

--The narrator who is insecure and so self-absorbed and half crazy

--The world of music and how everything relates to music in some way or other

--The wonderfully real dynamics of relationships as seen through a pop-obsessed loser

It's interesting that I've written some "Nick" books, but they're Nicholas Sparks-esque and not Nick Hornby-esque. That's because it's more difficult doing the Nick Hornby thing. He's funny and poignant and real. 

I watched this movie tonight because of the story I'm writing (or rewriting I should say). My novel has got a dash of High Fidelity in it. I was reminded of how much I loved that story when I read it. I got it. I've lived some of it. I have a soundtrack to everything and a thousand top five lists. I loved it because I finally discovered a narrator who sorta thought like me (and it was scary). 

Spending a couple hours with John Cusack. Beats Dancing With The Stars.