What The Bloggers Are Saying About Isolation

My publisher was kind enough to send me an overview of what some of the bloggers are saying about Isolation:

"In true Stephen King fashion, Travis Thrasher has written a thriller that will keep you turning the pages and sleeping with the light on. ISOLATION is the Amityville Horror of Christian Fiction. Life-like characters facing the unthinkable. This book rates a ten on suspense, thriller, and faith." -IDealInHope.com

"Yes, it's a horror novel, but Travis never crosses the line too far. Right when some authors would have described a violent scene or act, Travis turns the camera away. Thank you for that, Mr. Thrasher! It made this novel one I can highly recommend. Stephen King, Ted Dekker & Frank Peretti fans will especially enjoy." -CJ Darlington

"This book was AWESOME! I really liked Isolation." -Blogging with Carol

"The book is truly a page turner and fantastically creepy" -My Friend Amy's Blog (post includes giveaway)

"I must say that I couldn't put it down. It was one of the best page turners I have read in the Christian realm of suspense." -Writing Remnants

" This book, though, I loved!!! It deals with real stuff. Dark, not cool stuff, but real stuff." -Gatorskunkz and Mudcats

Fans of suspense will find a winner in Travis Thrasher's new book "Isolation"." -Corn Husker Academy (post includes giveaway)

"Immediately the setting hooked me in and I found myself way more concerned for this isolated fictional family than I ought to be." -Georgiana Daniels

"What I found was a riveting book that kept pulling me back to see what would happen next. " -Musings on This, That & The Other Thing

"If you love to be scared witless, read this book!" -Window to My World (post includes giveaway)

"Travis Thrasher has written a wonderful, suspense filled thriller. Isolation sounds somewhat like House by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, who are my top 2 favorite authors. This book puts Mr. Thrasher among my favorites!" -Michelle's Great Blogs

"Mr. Thrasher also does an excellent job of building tension and suspense for the final showdown of good against evil. " -Hip2bHomeschooling.blogspot.com (post includes giveaway)

"Travis Thrasher’s “Isolation” is an incredibly suspenseful novel." -Wordup! (post includes giveaway)

"This is Thrasher's best work to date." -Christys Book Blog

"Isolation is an excellent title for Thrasher’s latest and best work as he examines the many ways family members attempt to protect each other from their doubts and torments at the cost of trust and intimacy. There are many parallels with Stephen King’s The Shining but Thrasher’s addition of faith keeps the mix fresh while appealing to a broad audience. " -MonstersandCritics.com

"This novel is a gripping, enjoyable, fast-paced ride that is both scary and filled with a clear biblical message. I was literally glued and closed the book on Sunday night only because I had to get some sleep." -Northwoods Blumer