It's been great to read all the blog reviews coming in on Isolation. I didn't realize just how many blogs there are devoted to books. LOTS. 

One of my favorite quotes came on a review I saw tonight:

Is there a name more readymade to pen a horror novel than Travis Thrasher? It’s like Richard Ripper or Gary Gutter, except real. He’s the author of ISOLATION, which is a Christian horror novel — and no, kids, the phrase doesn’t have to be an oxymoron like “jumbo shrimp” or “military intelligence,” although this case isn’t likely to convince newcomers to the genre.

That review wasn't all glowing, but wasn't all negative. I love reading ones like that--reading is subjective, and not everybody is going to love my books (and for a good example of the reading is subjective thing, go to Amazon to check out reviews on the latest Oprah pick!).

I appreciate anybody reviewing my book, whether it's on their blog or on a place like Amazon. Share your thoughts. Especially if they're good.