Photo From Tonight

Okay, I'll explain more when my mind can think. But here are some taglines from a photo I just took of myself:

"Travis Thrasher after starting his first NFL game for the Patriots on Sunday."

"The New iPod 48G: Glued to your ear"

"Getting really inspired for the new season of House."

"This doesn't really fit under my motorcycle helmet"

"When piercing goes bad."

"Artists are a little eccentric, aren't they? Michael Jackson had his surgical mask, and Travis has his . . . ear pad."

"All this commotion over a little dot--could've been a freckle.'

"I owe Kyle (AKA Late Night) a beer. And a lot more."

"God's in control, even when we're so not!"

"A day spent in surgery, and the worst thing to report is the SAME OLD STORY: motion sickness in the car."

"Thank goodness the gel in my hair still works!"

Okay, joking aside (and laughter is a good remedy), I'm thankful to have made it through today. I discovered that a tiny mole on my earlobe was melanoma a few weeks ago, so they wanted to do surgery to make sure it was all gone and remove a lymphnode to check it. I feel fine now--and am thankful to have a lot of people praying for me. I'll report more on this. 

And wow--did I have some wild dreams under anethesia! (Book ideas #54, 55, & 56).