Web Stuff

I'm finally getting with the program. 

I'm finally taking the dive and getting fully involved with as much online communication programs as possible. There are a few reasons for this. 

I'm a fulltime writer now, so writing and marketing my books is all I do. I used to only have time to write (if that), so spending time updating my Myspace page or chatting on my Facebook page took time away from writing. I've fought against doing those things even though they're fun and help spread the word on my writing. 

Now I not only have more time, but I really want to spread the word on my books. 

Marketing a book is a little like trying to market your child (or maybe a lot). Writing a book and having it published is a personal thing, so when you go to try and sell it, it can feel weird. "Please buy a copy of my autobiography, I'm Wonderful! It's an amazing read that will change your life!" It almost feels this brash. 

But with my eleventh book just about ready to come out, I feel that I've proven myself as a decent writer. I've heard a lot of amazing comments over the years that have been very encouraging. And since I'm doing this fulltime now, I feel fine about encouraging people to buy my upcoming book (especially this one since so many feel like it's my strongest yet). 

So in the next few weeks and months, I'll be updating my Myspace and Facebook pages. I'll be adding to Shelfari and other sites. I have a Youtube page that I'm going to be putting videos on. My website will be tweaked. I'll be sharing lots on this blog. I'll be hopefully getting my name and my mug on other sites all with the hope of networking and sharing with people info about my stories.

It'd be nice to just write neat little stories and let someone else do marketing. But then again, I LOVE spending time hawking my wares. And I'll be knocking on your door very, very soon . . .