Ten Ways To Help Your Favorite Authors

And hopefully when I say your favorite authors, that includes me! 

Okay, so I'm less than a month away from the release of Isolation. I'm looking forward to getting out there and promoting the book. I definitely can't wait to hear what readers think. 

Since I've been doing this a while, both while I was working at a publisher and ever since I became a published author, I thought I'd share ways you can help your favorite authors:

#10. Buy their latest book. No explanation necessary. 

#9. Go to a booksigning if they're having one. And buy a book there. (autographed copies increase the value by ten cents)

#8. If you like the book, or any of the author's books, post reviews on Amazon and other places. 

#7. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about the author. Word of mouth is an author's best friend. 

#6. Get your local bookstore to stock the author. Tell the manager "You have to get his backlist, he's amazing!" Yes, they will look at you with a glance that says "I have ten minutes before I eat my tuna sandwich on break" but nevertheless tell them. 

#5. Tell the author what you think via their website. Okay, so if they're super huge like me, they probably can't respond to all the emails. Ha. But all authors love hearing reader thoughts. 

#4. Okay, so I'm running out of ideas. Buy multiple copies and hand them out as gifts saying "This is the best book I've read since The Kite Runner." It's okay to fib. 

#3. Maybe there really aren't ten ways to help an author. 

#2. Did I mention to come to a booksigning to BUY a book and not to stand around and chat? Not that the author doesn't want to chat, but they want to sell books. I'm talking not personally (of course not) but on the grand scheme of all writers everywhere. 

#1. Be nice if you hate the book.