In Just Another Month . . .

So in a little over a month, Isolation will be released (September 12 to be exact). The journey this story took toward publication would make an interesting book itself. I'm looking forward to holding it in my hands and getting out there and spreading the word on it. I really hope you get a chance to read it. 

I've told people this before--two of my closest editors, my agent, and my mom all say this is the best book I've written. Perhaps reading all those Stephen King novels while growing up helped. 

In the next few months, I plan on doing lots of booksignings. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment. Please come out and see me and buy a book. I've been doing this long enough to not be ashamed to ask someone to buy a book (including my wife and my parents!). My publisher is putting a lot of support behind the book, and if it really is as good as others say it is, I want readers to get it and read it. 

There are some fun things in the works--please stay tuned. The next few months will be busy, fun, and exciting.