Gun Lake

I just came back from a week with my family up at Gun Lake. In case you didn't know this, I did write a book based on Gun Lake, where my in-laws have a place they spend most of the summer. 

Above is a shot of Kylie and myself. I still don't know exactly how I feel about posting shots of Kylie on my blog. I know my wife, Sharon, doesn't want herself showing up on here, so that's why I never put family shots. The other thing is that I don't want to show all these personal photos on my blog. Well, I don't and then I do. I'd love showing off shots of Kylie. So I compromise and show shots like this. Note the way our hair matches--it's both spiked in the front! 

I actually managed to not write or work (well, for the most part). Now I'm back in the full swing of things. I'm working on edits for Ghostwriter, marketing of Isolation, along with other projects in the works. Lots of stuff coming up. It was nice to take a breather up at the lake. 

My highlight of our vacation? Watching Kylie with all of the other boys and the girls. She's a very sweet little girl. Spirited but also very social. It's nice for her to give complete strangers hugs. That's okay. For now.