Imagine what it would be like to hear Elvis for the first time. Without any preconceived ideas or images of a bloated, sweating, aging Elvis performing in Vegas. To hear with childlike ears the sound that started Rock and Roll. 

This happened tonight with my daughter, Kylie.

After dinner I turned on a show called "Classic Albums: Elvis Presley" that talked about Elvis' first album. Kylie was transfixed. Sure, she loves music. But she was utterly enthralled. And I tried to imagine what it would be like looking at the cool, swaying young man singing away. I told her it was Elvis and she kept saying over and over "Evis" "Evis." She didn't know anything except how cool he sounded. 

I guess that's what a lot of people thought too when they first heard Elvis back in 1956, when rock and roll wasn't even a phrase and when music still had so far to go. 

I might be downloading some Elvis songs on I-tunes and putting on some blue suede shoes for Kylie!