"On A Good Day"

July is almost gone. Here are some of the things I've been up to . . . 

Rewriting Ghostwriter and rewriting Ghostwriter yet again.

Listening to a lot of Coldplay, and going to see them in concert with Sharon for an amazing night out. 

Watching our daughter, Kylie, dance to Coldplay. 

Attending the ICRS convention in Orlando for the first time as an author and ONLY an author. 

Singing Karoke at Rock Bottom. 

Watching the Cubs pull out a win in the bleachers at Wrigley Field. 

Hanging out with people ten years younger than me (and somehow fitting right in).

Making plans for this fall and the release of Isolation. 

Loving The Dark Knight. 

Storing up memories and fodder from the Rock. And wishing them a farewell. 

Big ideas. Lots of big ideas. Lots and lots of big ideas. 

Being reminded at CBA. 

Trying to balance dreams with economy.

Loving the moments when my restless soul pauses momentarily, only to hear the rush of little feet approaching and the glorious sound of "DADDY!" beckoning me to some mischief. God knows I'm scared because she takes after me in so many ways . . . .