"Come Up To Meet You . . ."

So Sharon and I are at the Coldplay concert, enjoying ourselves in section 109. I'm in seat one at the edge of the aisle, right on level with the walkway that heads into the area with the concession stands and bathrooms. During the middle of the show, a security guy asks me what song they're playing.

"Strawberry Swing," I say. 

He doesn't look impressed. 

A few minutes later, I turn around and see them putting up a small stage right behind me. And I literally mean RIGHT behind me. The stage is two feet off the ground. A bunch of security guys are standing around as they put a microphone on the stage. 

It's almost as if they're wanting ME to sing. (Yeah, that would clear out the place). 

I nudge my wife and point at the stage. She's in shock just like I am. 

For a couple of songs, we're both excited beyond belief, knowing what's coming. 

And sure enough, after a couple of crowd-pleasing numbers, the guys from Coldplay run through the aisles and go into the stadium, emerging at section 109 right in front of us. 

I literally have the best seat in the United Center. 

Now I mentioned that I fell in love with Coldplay because of the song "The Scientist." It's a piano ballad--yeah, it's sappy. So sue me. 

So right in front of us (see photo above--that's taken with my cheap cell phone), Chris Martin and the others perform "The Scientist."

Not only that, but they're filming the guys too. 

If I show up in the video, I'll be looking wide-eyed in joyous disbelief. Yeah, they're just a band from England. But they've provided a soundtrack for me ever since I started to listen to them in earnest back in 2002. 

Quite a surreal experience . . .