Nowadays I think it's impossible to be a major musical group and not get your new album leaked on the web. Recently, I've found the new Coldplay album on a blog with all its songs available to listen to and download. I've found, however, that listening to all the songs would ruin the experience. Instead, I'm trying to savor each song (and I've already ordered the album off I-tunes and will probably get several copies of the CD as well). 

I'm treating myself to a song every few days. And today, I "treated" myself to the song "Death And All His Friends". Considering the sort of day I had--I mean, Woody Allen would have laughed. So I treated myself. Because I needed to be moved. 

So I'm listening to this song and I'm moved. And I'm reminded why I am creative soul and why life is so different for me and why I'm so fortunate and why life is such a beautiful, colorful, laughable place. 

The sun is out and I'm moved. And life is good.