Paddling Forward

The beautifully frustrating part of creating is the fact that you have no idea whether the creation you're building is truly a work of art or a waste of time. But time is what creates the art. But you also have luck and great fortune and karma and grace mixed into the process. 

I'm not a linear guy. I live in peaks and valleys. And these very peaks and valleys help me create. Sometimes when I'm high I still make a mess, and sometimes when I'm low I make something masterful. I'd like to say it's all part of the plan, but sometimes there is no plan, no destination, no rules. 

When you live and breathe in subjective waters, all you can do is paddle forward and follow the lifeboat. And when you're in the fog, you look for the lighthouse. And when you open your eyes and find yourself stranded on some strange shore, you have to open those same eyes and look for the possibilities. 

This is the creative life.