It's a rainy, murky Wednesday morning around here. Just got back from driving 2,000 miles on a book tour to North and South Carolina. Here are a few experiences to share as I listen to the amazing title track to Coldplay's upcoming album: 

--Visited my new publisher in Nashville and was completely impressed. Their support of my upcoming novel (and me) is overwhelming.

--Spent two busy days at the school I attended from sixth to ninth grades (Asheville Christian Academy). Met lots of great people, talked to many students, sold a lot of books, was interviewed by the local TV channel, and got a chance to see the performance of "Annie" two nights in a row. 

--Saw my parents on the mountain in NC and my relatives on Bull Road in SC.

--Went on a cable program with some of my relatives to talk about my writing.

--Only got lost about a dozen times (and finally admitted to myself that I absolutely and positively suck at directions).

--Came up with ideas on the book I'm writing and the book I just wrote and came up with a couple BIG ideas. 

--Opened the door and went through and took in a deep breath of life.

--Drove home in less than 12 hours, racing home to see the sweet smile of my daughter who I was madly missing. 

Eight days and lots of memories. Long live life, or as it's also known, "Viva la vida."