Where Is My Mind?

So you find yourself waking up in a cornfield surviving a plane crash . . .

You find yourself in a cabin on a hill in North Carolina. 

Alone trying to save some stranger in the heart of the Big Apple. 

In a canoe going over the falls. 

Alone once again on a mountaintop in North Carolina with your heart beating and a demon racing to kill you. 

And all the while, the sun shines outside or the snow falls down outside and life as you know it and see it continues on. And you sometimes open your eyes and wonder who you are today and where you're heading and what mood you're supposed to be in. "Get angry" a voice tells you so you try your best. "Feel romantic." "Go crazy." "Act cool." 

And the voices all echo and sometimes you wonder if you're not really just a tad bit psychotic like all those crazy characters you write about.