Great movie

Saw the movie Definitely, Maybe yesterday and loved it. Any movie that starts with a character talking about selecting the "perfect" song for his day on his ipod works for me. I felt like I could've written this movie, with all of its music references and the age of the characters being close to my age. 

I'm not a huge fan of going to see romantic comedies in the theaters. They tend to be either mediocre or silly and not worth the money. But this was a really good movie. I cared about most of the characters and was slightly surprised by the ending. The acting and dialogue felt real. It's the best romantic comedy I've seen for a while (thankfully I didn't have to go see 27 Dresses, which looks pretty lame). 

I'm halfway through writing a love story, so this was a great idea generator. It's always good to see a well done love story that's not utterly predictable.